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Thanks for your interest in Bat Houses! Habitat loss is the greatest threat to our Northwest bats. While we all continue to work on protecting native habitat and landscaping with native plants, bat houses are one thing we can do locally to provide roosting habitat.

The first thing to recognize is that bat houses are not bird houses. You might just take some scraps of wood and slap together a bird house, but bats have more specific needs. If we are to reverse the negative trend of loss of roosting habitat, we need to know specific information about the roosting needs of bats.

Luckily, we do know a lot about those needs, largely thanks to the efforts of Bat Conservation International (BCI) and their Bat House Research Project. BCI's Frequently Asked Questions page is a great resource for more general information than you will find below. Also visit BCI's Criteria for Successful Bat Houses information sheet for specific information. Check out our list of recommended Bat books.

Buying a Bat House

Order a Rocket Box bat house from Bats Northwest; this style has been popular with bats in the Puget Sound region. To purchase other styles of ready-made bat houses which are part of BCI's Certification Program, check out BCI's Catalog, or Bat Conservation and Management has a line of commercially made bat houses and kits. 

Some other products sold as bat houses are not well designed to meet the roosting needs of bats. Review the first three points below to guide you in selecting a house.

Building a Bat House

To make your own bat house here are some plans: Rocket Box Plans.

Design and Placement of Bat Houses

For the Pacific Northwest, especially west of the Cascades in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon, bat houses should be painted with multiple coats of flat black exterior latex paint and placed where they will receive full sun – baking in the sun – that's what our bats need and seek. A nice warm place to raise their young and decrease their metabolic needs during roosting.

Here are some important points for success in Bat House design and placement:

Good Luck!

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Uncle George

This info is the "Uncle George" bat house, designed by Greg Falxa (Cascadia Research), "Uncle George" Carlson, and Sanders Freed.